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Alphacademy One Shipment (SAVE $81)

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Do you want all of our Alphacademy subscription in one shipment? If you answered yes, this product is for you! This is perfect for summer Kindergarten prep or review for your little ones to start the school year better prepared. With your purchase, you will receive all of your materials at the same time, instead of monthly with our Alphacademy 9 month subscription.

You will receive:

  1. 9 Calendar pages with activities 
  2. 26 uppercase & 26 lowercase acrylic letter stamps
  3. 5 Alphasurprise items for each letter (130 total) 
  4. 1 jar of playdough (if interested in more, we have an add on)
  5. 26 laminated playdough letter mats
  6. 9 fun tracing medium (sand, shaving cream, rice, etc.)
  7. Lego cards for each letter of the alphabet with a set of Duplo size legos and base to build on
  8. Printed letter formation activity sheets for dot markers, playdough balls, manipulatives and stickers for all 26 letters 
  9. Paper and all materials to make 26 letter crafts
  10. Access to videos for parents AND children, with lessons recorded
  11. An email with links to songs, stories and games (Just click the link!)

You will also receive your Alphacademy Starter Pack. This has everything you will need to complete the activities, including:

- Tracing Tray 
- A bag of manipulatives
- Rolling pin 
- Tweezers
- Rainbow Rice 
- Dot Marker 
- Sheet protector 
- Glue (liquid and glue stick)
- Scissors 
- Dry Erase Marker 
- Legos and Base 
- Bag to store it all!

You will have so many items that can be used for more learning activities for years to come!

1 full set of uppercase acrylic letters (26)
1 full set of lowercase acrylic letters (26)
1 jar of our homemade playdough
26 play dough/ dry erase letter mats
Full set of our Alphamini objects (130!!)
9 different tracing mediums (sand, sequins, rice, etc.)
26 Lego letter flashcards and matching duplo legos with base
Access to all recorded videos and lesson ideas