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Alphacademy Subscription

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Introducing our new and improved Alphacademy Subscription! Alphacademy is 9 months of hands-on, sensory play based activities to learn letter identification, letter formation and letter sounds. 

With each monthly purchase, you will receive materials and activities for 3 letters and a week of review activities. Example: Month 1: ABC Month 2: DEF, etc. 

Each week is set up the same to encourage routine and structure for your child, keeping busy parents in mind. 

Each month you will receive:

  1. Calendar with activities 
  2. 3 uppercase & 3 lowercase high-quality acrylic letter stamps 
  3. 5 Alphamini items for each letter (15 total) 
  4. 1 jar of playdough 
  5. 3 playdough letter mats
  6. A fun tracing medium (sand, sequins, gravel, etc.)
  7. Lego letter cards
  8. Printed letter formation activity sheets for dot markers, playdough balls, manipulatives and stickers
  9. Paper and all materials to make 3 letter crafts
  10. Access to videos for parents AND children, with lessons recorded
  11. An email with links to songs, stories and games (Just click the link!)

With your first box, you will also receive your Alphacademy Starter Pack. This has everything you will need throughout your subscription to complete activities, including: 

- Tracing Tray 
- A bag of manipulatives
- Rolling pin 
- Tweezers
- Rainbow Rice 
- Dot Marker 
- Sheet protector 
- Glue (liquid and glue stick)
- Scissors 
- Dry Erase Marker 
- Legos and Base 
- Bag to store it all!

At the end of the 9 months, you will have so many items that can be used for more learning activities for years to come! 

1 full set of uppercase acrylic letters (26)
1 full set of lowercase acrylic letters (26)
9 jars of our homemade playdough in varying colors
26 playdough letter mats
Full set of our Alphamini objects (130!!)
9 different tracing mediums (sand, sequins, rice, etc.)
26 Lego letter flashcards and matching legos with base
Access to all recorded videos and lesson ideas


Orders will be shipped out the 20th of the month of your first order. For example: If you purchase on June 5, your first order will be shipped on June 20th. You will be charged next on July 15 and your order will be shipped out July 20.  It will continue this way for the remainder of your 9 month subscription.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pam Silveira Lee
Absolutely love!!

This is a wonderful kit for early learning. I’m so happy I signed up. I hope they come out with a numbers kit soon 😄

Nicole Shank
Love It!

My daughter loves the Alphacademy subscription. I am also obsessed with it. It is such a great value for all you get. The online video resources are fantastic to give my daughter a different perspective other than mama. The thought put into this programs was fantastic. It is so fun unboxing all the new surprises each month.

Mackensi Stricker

We absolutely love Minute 4 mama. We have a 16 month old and he loved the monthly reading & sensory play. We also buy the abc and putting it back for later!

Fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻

Honestly worth every penny. The thought that went into each activity has kept my toddler very, very BUSY and it’s been fantastic. A++

Amber G
Good concept, definitely needs some alterations

As a teacher, I love the idea behind AlphaAcademy. The resin letters and the objects and activities along with the letters are fun. That being said there were some objects with the letters that didn't line up (ex. a moose in with D for deer). There also needs to be a change in either the containers that the materials come in, or packaging materials because multiple of the boxes I received, the plastic boxes with letters and objects were broken at the hinges and the materials, like sand were broken open and all over the box.

Hi Amber! Thank you so much for your feedback! Items may have shifted during shipping but the object you received was an elk for the short e sound. If you are ever unsure, please send us an email, or check your calendar that comes with your subscription each month. We are happy to replace any items that have broken during shipment. We will email you privately to arrange replacements.